An inventory management system for you

An inventory management system for you

Unfortunately in todays world of e-commerce, the small business is increasingly getting the short end of the stick. Higher costs for managing products, higher costs to sell, ship, pack your product. Everything is cost way more than it used to and the foundation on which your business sits on always doesn’t have that one needed feature.

SKUthings was born out of a need for a better, faster, more feature-ful inventory management system where the customer is actually listened to. So many times did we find ourselves recommending features, pointing out bugs, begging for an update only to find our words unheard or just generally tossed aside.

Our plans

We have a ton planned out for SKUthings, many of them being integrations. We are a small team of people working on a product that we ourselves use so any and all recommendations are appreciated.

At the moment we are testing and have no defined date to go live, but rest assured we will let you know.

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